Who We Are

The DFW Zero Waste Alliance is a coalition of recycling advocates, forward-thinking business leaders and community members who are working to rethink the way we manage and dispose of valuable resources. Groups and supporters include:

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What We Do

Through grassroots public education and advocacy, we will contribute to practices and innovations that will eventually reduce the waste we send to landfills by 90%. We’re working to make sure every DFW resident has access to universal recycling—including food waste diversion—in their homes and workplaces.

Businesses generate a large percentage of waste in DFW, but most municipalities do not have basic requirements for businesses to reduce waste or recycle. Most cities, moreover, do not have basic policies aimed at reducing and diverting food waste created by food enterprises.

Multi-family buildings are home to a majority of DFW residents—and in many cities, it’s currently up to each apartment building owner or condominium association to decide whether to provide recycling access for residents and tenants. Only a handful have taken action.

In 2018, we successfully campaigned for the City of Dallas to adopt a recycling ordinance requiring landlords to provide recycling to tenants in multi-family apartment complexes.

We are building on that momentum by encouraging city officials to adopt programs that will expand recycling to be universally available everywhere we live, work and play in DFW—especially in businesses and for residents in apartment buildings. We are working to:

  • Make recycling available at all businesses and commercial properties
  • Making recycling available to all DFW residents
  • Make recycling available at all public places and events
  • Start an organic waste program that will reduce food waste and divert food scraps and yard trimmings to large-scale composting operations instead of landfills
  • Recover construction and demolition waste for reuse and recycling

You can help by joining our effort, learning more and contacting your city officials in support of Zero Waste programs.

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